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VERSAlight LED Light Rail

From only £15.52

Plus Vat

The creative LED light rail is a LED backlit lamp which uses a special diffusing lens. It features high illumination, symmetric light, low energy consumption, easy installation and transportation and environment-friendly. It is ideal replacer of fluorescent lamp and common LED modular lamp. Comes complete with easy to connect ‘push and screw’ connectors - rail to rail and rail to transformer.



- Samsung 3535LED 2W Bright White

- LED distance 200mm Apart

- Good heat conduction and long life expectancy

- Rated electric current 0.7A 

- IP 55 Rated

- Reccomended Distance between LED and graphic minimum 75mm

- 3 year Gaurentee

- Suitable for huge backlit billboard, shop head light box large format light box, single-sided/double-sided light box, etc.

- 600mm Light rail (3 LED Modules), 800mm Light rail (4 LED Modules), 1000mm Light rail (5 LED Modules)


Transformer Specification

- Each LED Module is 2Watt. Please select a transformer size that will power the correct amount of LED's. E.g. 3 x 800mm Light Rails together is a total of 12 LED Modules. So this is a total of 24Watt. A Transfomer has to be Larger than the Power output of the LED's, So a 40Watt transformer would be needed.



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