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NAVIGATOR Lightbox System

Call for Price

Unique Lightbox Extrusion with an Attractive and Distinctive Curved Face Profile – Silver Anodised Frame.



  • Single sided or double sided with wall fixing bracket
  • Available complete with LED illumination
  • Manufactured in our own workshop, they come complete with electrics, illumination (LED optional) and panels
  • Option of fret-cut panels and backed with opal acrylic, or fret-cut letters pushed through the face to create a ‘halo’ effect.
  • Extrusion options:
    • Navigator lightbox 100
    • 25mm face bead profile
    • 100mm depth extrusion
    •  with unique flex-face tension system (Option)
  • Panel options:
    • 5mm opal acrylic
    • 5mm opal acrylic with fret-cut letters from face, and/or pushed through acrylics backed with clear/coloured acrylic.