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NAVIGATOR LED Troughlights

Call for Price

Introducing VERSAlight the New Slimmer, Brighter and More Economical LED Trough Light



  • 70% ENERGY SAVING – 12.5 watts per metre against 40 Watts for fluorescent
  • BRIGHTER – 85 lumens per watt output against 80 lumens per watt fluorescent
  • FULL OPTICAL CONTROL – 140 degree LED combined with 90 degree lens – reduces spotting
  • COMPACT – 50mm diameter, smallest LED trough with internal drivers
  • DOUBLE PROTECTED – Both LED strip and drivers sealed to IP67 and casing to IP64
  • FIT & FORGET IT – 5 year warranty
  • QUICK FIX BRACKETS – 4 way adjustability
  • The VERSAlight is the one of the most technically advanced L.E.D. trough lights of its kind. Increased light output with greatly reduced running costs With its compact 45mm diameter casing VERSAlight offers contemporary styling without the time consuming problem of housing external drivers.