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Simplefix Acrylic Locators

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Simplefix Acrylic Standoff Locators for Flat-Cut Letters, Shapes Etc.

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  • Strong and durable sign mounting fixings, designs for flush mounted signs that can stand off the surface, for internal and external use
  • Large – Socket length – 21mm, Socket width – 14mm, Stud diameter – 10mm, Stud base diameter – 18mm, Overall standoff – 21mm
  • Medium – Socket length – 18mm, Socket width – 11mm, Stud diameter – 8mm, Stud base diameter – 16mm, Overall standoff – 18mm
  • Small – Socket length – 17mm, Socket width – 11mm, Stud diameter 6mm, Stud base diameter – 12mm, Overall standoff – 17mm
  • Micro – Socket length – 11mm, Socket width – 7mm, Stud diameter – 4mm, Stud base diameter – 8mm, Overall standoff – 11mm
  • Manufactured in HIPS for the male stud, and a UV stabilised Alkathene female cup, they are manufactured to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards

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