SIGNTRAY 50 - Complete with Acrylic Letters

• The Brief – A smart clean looking Wallsign with a depth to the logo.
• Solution – Signtray 50 with Acrylic Letters to Face
• Materials – ACM Sign Tray + 5mm Acrylic Flat-Cut Letter/Logo VHB Taped to Face
• Finish – Matt White Tray, Supplied with Acrylic Letters ready for the Signmaker to Bond to the Face






WALLSIGN 60 - Sleek Wallsign System

• The Brief – Our Cutstomer had a client requiring a sleek Internal Wallsign system, but the next level over a standard Sign Tray
• Solution – Wallsign 60
• Materials –  ACM Panel with a Silver Anodised Frame
• Finish – Gloss Panels / Silver Frame
• Result – The Wallsign 60 is a great alternative to a Sign Tray where something more sophisticated was required. Hidden fixings mean its a great solution for internal corporate signage.






• The Brief – Our Cutstomer had a client requiring chunky MDF letters for internal wall signage. MDF is a great way to do this with thicknesses up to 38mm.
• Solution – 38mm thick MDF CNC Cut Letters
• Materials – 38mm MDF
• Finish – Plain MDF ready for the customer to spray to the bespoke colour required
• Challenges – CNC Cutting MDF can take several passes and creates a lot of dust, but with our Tekcel machines the it can be done in minimal passes, and the dust is kept under control with powerful extraction



Corporate Headquarters – Main Entrance Signage

• The Brief – Smart corporate HQ signage, backlit capability,
• Solution – Signtray 50 Fret-Cut Inlaid system
• Materials – Fret-cut Aluminium composite sheet, Translucent Acrylic lettering
• Finish – RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey, with Inlaid 20mm Clear Acrylic Letters, ready to be faced in vinyl by the sign customer
• Extras – 150W high-quality long-life LED backlit integration unit
• Challenges – The client requested several last-minute options during the pricing stage (like they do!). Each was rapidly priced by Cherwell’s quoting team. Then the deadline for installation was only 6 days after sign-off. The reliable 3-5 day turnaround by manufacturing, coupled with careful delivery in Cherwell’s own van enabled the whole project to finish on time with a very satisfied customer.

HANGING SIGN 80 - Traditional Stylish Hanging Sign

• The Brief –  Hanging signs are a great way to attract attention and add value to a shopfront. Our customers client was looking for a smart, but un fussy design that would be robust enough to stand the test of time.
• Solution – Hanging Sign 80 – It’s a great solution which houses 2 ACM Panels in a neat flush frame system, but with the traditional stylish wrought iron bracket.
• Materials – Brushed Silver Panels / Black Panel Frame & Black Wrought Iron Bracket
• Result – A fantastic looking smart hanging sign solution




SIGNPOST 190 - Robust Modular Signpost System

• The Brief – Our Customer had a client requiring a robust Signpost System in an open environment, but needed to have a corporate look and smart design
• Solution – Signpost 190
• Materials –  Aluminium Signpost 190 Posts / ACM Panels
• Finish – Gloss Silver RAL 9006 Silver Panels / Satin Silver Posts
• Result – The Signpost 190 is a Modular Signpost System which houses ACM Panels in a robust Flush Frame system which slides into the Main Signpost. The result is a stunning looking Signpost System




3D Flat-Cut Letters - Foam Pvc

• The Brief – 3D Effect flat-cut letters but a cost-effective option
• Solution – Thick Foam Pvc Flat-Cut Letters
• Materials – 10mm and 19mm Foam Pvc
• Finish – Matt White, ready to be vinyl faced by the Signmaker
• Challenges – Using thick Foam PVC is a great way to get the effect of 3D Built Up letters but without the cost, especially in internal environments. The results look great!