CNC Routering Service – Much More Than Signage

Having offered a trade routering service to signmakers for many years, I was interested to learn recently that their CNC Routing Service does far more than signs. A recent visit to their central UK facility at Brackley, Fred taught me the wonders of these machines and...

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Trends In The UK Sign Making Trade

The sign-making trade, like many others, has experienced rapid changes in recent years; these include technological advances and a growing focus on environmental sustainability in materials and inks. Delve into the current trends and their implications for the future...

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Hanging Signs For Outdoors

Hanging signs; Open for business Hanging signs are probably one of the most enduring forms of marketing, still signposting prospects into physical shops, stores and cafes as they have for centuries. Even with today’s wayfinding apps, shoppers still look out for your...

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Swinging Pub Sign

A swinging pub sign has been the symbol of refreshment for weary travellers or leisure seekers for centuries, to quote the Gate Pub in Hertfordshire, ‘this gate hangs high and hinders none’. Utilising the best of modern sign systems means that this old but vital piece...

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