Hanging signs; Open for business

Hanging signs are probably one of the most enduring forms of marketing, still signposting prospects into physical shops, stores and cafes as they have for centuries. Even with today’s wayfinding apps, shoppers still look out for your recognisable logo to swing into view when coming down the street or mall.  More than ever, today’s retail landscape is all about catering to your visitor’s experience, grabbing their fleeting attention with quickly absorbed imagery, and welcoming them into your brand environment.

The hanging sign has survived many changes to our high streets over time, adapting with its versatility to keep up with evolving consumer lifestyles and shopping expectations. Whether the traditional wooden or cast iron swinging sign over a pub doorway or a sleek, modern expression of a contemporary tech brand – this form of shopfront signage is as larger a part of human-centric marketing as it ever has been.

It has often been said that medieval hanging signs displayed recognisable logos to help the many illiterate consumers find the right shop. Thankfully literacy rates have improved somewhat since then, but the attention span of the average person has decreased significantly over this period. According to a global study conducted by Yahoo, OMG and Amplified Intelligence in 2022, generation Z have only 7.6 seconds of passive attention and 1.3 seconds of active attention – less than that of the goldfish!

You can see why hanging signs are so ubiquitous; swinging right in people’s eye-line as they come down the street, they can be traditional and fancy, or modern and minimalistic. Utilising the ‘empty space’ above a shop front, their hanging position doesn’t obstruct the pavement or the display window’s line-of-sight. The style of the hanging sign can be easily matched to the store’s brand by the addition of frames, trim, artwork, and of course the style and material of the hanging bracket. Hanging signs are going nowhere.

Print-ready ACM Hanging Signage and Brackets

Cherwell’s hanging signs system is a versatile, ready for printing ACM blank panel sign that comes supplied with a neat aluminium frame and top hanging hooks. The design does away with the need for surface fixings whilst tucking the cut edge out of view to allow the best contemporary minimalism look. This clean, modern style can be accentuated with the optional straight bar hanging bracket, or given a heritage twist with the wrought iron bracket, available to order in 750mm or 1m length. The choice of hanging sign bracket gives you ample room for creativity to ensure you can match the complete hanging sign to your customer’s brand and the physical shop-frontage design.

Chat with our sales support staff for all your hanging signage needs, from supplies to advice. We have a wide range of ACM sign panel colours available, with our stock colours of hanging signs being available with the shortest of lead times.