Why Should Sign Makers Consider Steel (Ferrous) Composite Sheet?

As your flexible sign materials supplier, Cherwell are reacting to current demand by now stocking KömaSteel (also known as Koema Steel) steel composite board, a galvanised and white matt-coated sign making board for the trade.

Receptive to Magnetic Media

Sourced from Germany, this high specification sign making board’s main advantage is as a rigid magnetic receptive sheet surface for any application where magnetic markers are to be used. For example as a magnetic whiteboard for walls in schools or offices, or shadow board in factories. Stocked as standard with a matt finish both sides, you can easily create a white board with the addition of a gloss print or laminate to one surface.

Easier To Achieve A Great Finish

Having a very hard polyester-coated surface that is in a white matt finish means this ferrous board is very easy to print on with digital printing methods which helps to ensure both a higher quality finish and a more durable sign display.


This galvanised steel composite board that is magnetically receptive is 100% recyclable so that you can have peace of mind that it fits into the circular economy! The tough polyester coating of this sign material can also have old graphics dismounted and new ones applied if desired.

Lightweight & Strong

At 6900 gsm, the 3mm composite sheet weighs a fraction of an equivalent steel sheet with similar rigidity. This material combines lightness and strength and can be punched if needed for fixing holes or to laser-cut out shapes if required. Having a high bending strength makes KömaSteel sheet a good option where robust signage is needed with the possibility of close contact with personnel passing that could damage more light-duty materials.

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