Puzzled by the array of different product names in Signage? See our list of some common ones, with a brief explanation and link to the product pages.

ACM: Aluminum Composite Material, a lightweight and rigid sheet consisting of a core layer sandwiched between two thin aluminium sheets, commonly used for sign panels.
Application Fluid: A liquid solution used during the application of vinyl graphics to surfaces, helping to prevent air bubbles and facilitate proper alignment.
Application Tape: Also known as transfer tape, it is a sticky adhesive tape used to transfer cut vinyl graphics or lettering from a release liner onto a substrate.
Correx ®: A corrugated plastic sheet made from polypropylene, frequently used for temporary signage or displays due to its lightweight and weather-resistant properties.
Dibond: A brand of aluminium composite material similar to ACM, often used for durable and long-lasting signage applications.
Lightbox: A backlit signage display that typically consists of a translucent panel with lighting elements inside, used to illuminate graphics or messages.
Magnetic Vinyl: Flexible vinyl material with a magnetic backing, often used for temporary vehicle or ferrous surface signage.
Monolith Sign: Also known as Totem signage, a large and imposing freestanding sign or structure, usually taller than it is wide, designed to catch attention and display information prominently.
Perspex: A brand name for acrylic (PMMA), a transparent plastic material used for creating clear or coloured sign faces.
Post and Plate Sign: A type of sign comprising a flat plate attached to a post, commonly used for directional or informational signage.
Sign Channel: A metal U-shaped channel that can hold and secure sign panels or substrates, providing a clean and professional mounting solution.
Signtray: A type of sign construction that involves a metal tray with raised edges, often used for illuminated signs where lighting elements are placed inside the tray.
Snapframe: A framing system with hinged edges that snap open and shut, used for easy insertion and removal of printed graphics or posters.
Twist In Clips: Small metal or plastic clips used to secure sign panels or substrates into a frame or channel by twisting them in place.